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Nokia E-5 keypad key jumper solution

Fast fix, Nokia E-5 keypad problem. This handset have keypad controller chip. Some time this chip is faulted from water or carbon. Keypad should stop working in this condition. This is a filter chip for the keypad connections. If you have a only one key problem. Just clean that key and your handset is working fine now. For the one or more missing keys. This diagram may have help you. Try at your own risk.
Nokia E-5 keypad key jumper ways.
Nokia Mobile Repairing,
Nokia E-5 keypad keypad.

Important tips for this issue Nokia E-5 keypad key problem.

Before doing this job. You need to clean all motherboard touch keys. Check one by one with test meter for the missing keys. There are two chips on the motherboard. Trace the real link from the mother board chip to keypad. At last remove the chip and make a jumper.

These all jumper are very small on the place. Do not try it if you are weak in this job. Use sharp heating iron bit, and good jumper wire. Ask your customer for nay other loos.
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