Nokia 1616 dialed calls not showing problem solution

Problem: Recent dialed or received calls not shown in the directory.Solution: Change this diode. Full flash with j.a.f.

Should be the cause of deprecation. When the all calls are (Incoming/out going) unknown. The cell number or massage is hidden and the owner is unable to see it. This is the repairable issue in the Nokia 1616 cell phone.

Solve the issue of dialed calls not showing in the recent dialed up number directory.

Troubleshooting guide:

Behind it, May be there are some other issues. But in my lab. I have faced it from the faulty diode polarity. The tricks of shoot the issue. Dialed calls are hidden and not shown problem. We are going to fix it by steps.
Keep in mind, The timer need to collect the recent activity on the Nokia-1616 cell phone. If the real time clock or software TX-RX or any required connection from the flashing chip. Missing or shorted. This error may have accorded.

  1. Clean the all PCB with petrol or carbon tetra cleaner.
  2. Pick this diode from the Q-E-4 old cell phone of china made. 
  3. Change with the red circle mark part.
  4. Hard reset of flash with J.A.F.
Hope ! Problem is fixed. In the condition of fail to fix this issue. Please fell free to contact me at my G-mail address: I am waiting  your input for further information at the given topic. The all tricks are given on this blog. After checking me into my lab. Some time different situations should apply to fix it. In many cases i recommend to you. Please be careful during working on the listed tricks. Handset may harm or dead from a little mistake. The flashing chip is major cause but the points are controlled from this diode. Stay in touch for more from our side. Follow from the right side of bottom at the end of scrolling.

Thank you so much for visit/read this article. For further details and inquiry please contact me on my email id. I am waiting your reply.

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