Nokia lumia 630 power switch button ways

Solved: Nokia lumia 630 power switch button ways

Problem: charging ok but power key not working. Missing on off key points.

Solution: Check and clean on off key. check and trace missing points. Jumpering on missing points of power on off key.

Troubleshooting Guide for lumia 630 missing power key points.

Hello! we are going to shoot the issue of missing power key points of a Nokia lumia 630 cell phone. As you know every electronics device have power key. To alive or sleep the device in most electronics devices have on off switch. In the cell phone Nokia lumia 630 power on off touch key is on the side of panel. In condition of missing power key handset did not power on. At connect the charger the charging logo show on screen perfectly but when pressed the power key. There is no response for powering the handset.

Fix the issue of lumia 630 did not power on (Cell phone is dead)

Let we start to troubleshoot this issue by steps. Keep common testing before jumping directly on the board. May be there are some more differents problem occurred behind this issue.
  1. Clean the power key switch button.
  2. Change the power key touch button.
  3. Remove power key check the missing points.
  4. Make jumper with jumper wire as picture shown above here.
  5. Handset power key points are ok but set not power on. That is not power key relate fault.

  • Fix the dead cell phone lumia 630 if power key working fine.
There are one or more reasons behind this issue. Power key points and touch button working fine. Handset is showing charging logo at screen perfectly. Let we start by steps tracing this fault.

  1. Connect your cell phone lumia 630 via usb with computer / laptop.
  2. You have access in the storage media devices.
  3. Download NokiaSoftwareUpdaterSetup_EN_US.
  4. Update software of Nokia lumia 630 cell phone.
No success all above tricks applied after handset dead and same condition.
Here are more ways to fix this issue. Clean all pcb and normal heat power chip of the cell phone. Be careful! Overheating may harm your cell phone will be completely dead. In some situations Power key showing the polarity by capacitors. Remove power key line capacitors. Try again by jumpering. Trace the power key lines from on off switch to power key chip. May be there on mother board of lumia 630 of off diode or resistance is broken or shorted. Check and trace this fault.

Almost done!

Hope you like this post for the problem of Nokia lumia 630 power on off button not working. On the phonetolls there are many other manual troubleshooting guide are waiting for your visit. Please mousing on the home button or use search box for more solutions.
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