All Mobiles Batteries not saved problem one solution.

 With article and troubleshooting guide solution for All Mobiles Batteries not saved fault.

Problem: After all night battery charging error on screen (Low battery shutdown mobile), Battery empty, Battery not saving, Low battery.

Solution: Change charger /  battery. Clean / change charging base /  connector. Attach 4.2 volts zener diode from charging in to battery positive point.
    All Mobiles Batteries not saved problem one solution.

    Note:Never Use Charger Up to 4 Hours When Use this zener diode for charging. 
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When we connect charger with any kind of mobile brand what hi  do with pcb. 1,Switching the software variable and battery charging volts. Software variable switching show us animated battery logo at screen and show us charger is connected with phone.The battery volts ratings charge the batteries.when battery volts Drop or nothing  Cell phone show charger in and animate the charging logo but never save battery done. At Full Thermal of batteries Software Cut the switching of battery charging volts.

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    When battery is empty and need charging. There is 3-ways for battery charging 1- use Multi charger, 2- Travel charger, 3- Battery charger. If your cell phone did not charging you can use external charger. But charging with cell phone if your cell phone did not charging or not battery saving. you need troubleshoot this problem by following steps.
    1. Use always original battery and charger.
    2. Check charging base /  pin.
    3. Change or clean charging base /  pin.
    4. Clean battery connectors, (PCB / Battery) sides.
    5. Change charging ic.
    6. Heat power ic.
    7. Make jumpers.
    8. Attach zener diode same as above diagram below.

    Multi charger.png

    : This stage is automatic. In Conditions of nor battery save please  just pick black zener diode from any pcb and use as picture shown below as picture shown below. 

    Warning! During working on this trick cell phone, accidentally may have harm faulted dead or stop working. We are not responsible - Please read our Privacy policy for report and disclaimer issues.
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