Nokia 1280 Light Problem Solution.

 With article and troubleshooting guide solution for Nokia 1280 Light fault.

Problem: No display lights, Faulted display bright controller stage.

Solution: Change diode, Change transistor, Change coil, Change bulb.
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Every cell phone used a LED's bulb for bright. In night if there is no light but in sun shine display show OK. This mean display Lights are not working. This is a hardware problem. There are many reasons behind this problem. Some time burning or missing LED's are major cause of this problem. On my lab i solve this problem by changing LED's. LED's are a part of display (LCD) and for keyboard lighting On LED is on cell phone mother board. These all bulbs are working with auto switching current. Auto switching current is generated from red marked parts on a PCB. Some time missing LED's connections from auto controller stage is major cause. Many time the diode and 3- Leg transistor is main reason. Due to over or shorted current these two parts may have harm. You can fix this problem by following our troubleshooting guide with steps.

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Nokia 1280 Light Problem Solution.
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    No LCD light .First check LCD light and voltage if LCD lights OK and nothing positive volts at LCD light point then remove red marks part. Make jumper as picture shown below carefully. Positive jumper is from transistor to capacitor positive point and ground to directly on ground point.In this model Nokia company use 3-leg auto switching transistor for lights on off switching. If its damaged or wrong then cell phone lights did not work and you can remove its and make jumper directly on PCB with out light transistor.
    1. Change Display LED (Light emitting diode).
    2. Clean display connection on PCB,
    3. Resold and check missing light point.
    4. Check and trace red marked parts on diagram above, Change faulted parts.
    5. Diode and transistor are major cause of this problem. Replace please with an other OK working parts.

    Warning! During working on this trick cell phone, accidentally may have harm faulted dead or stop working. We are not responsible - Please read our Privacy policy for report and disclaimer issues. Goodbye!
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